Logo, Identity Program

Connecting people with the information they care about through illuminating colour.

Lumiknow is developed and programmed to receive information from any source. The complexities of this information are then processed by a microcomputer and turned into an array of colours that are displayed through a matrix of LEDs. A minimalist approach was taken for the exterior and in the way information is displayed to contrast the complexity of the world around us and the dissonance we often face when receiving this information.

This project started from one idea; Instead of turning a blind eye to the negative information in the media, how can that information be turned into something calming and beautiful? From this idea began the process of conducting exploratory research into objects, shapes, colour, materials, programming and interaction design.

Through this research the idea was able to be further refined into an aggregator that takes negative information and extracts the core message. The message is then run through a python program and turned into a colour that’s displayed through 64 RGB LEDs.

The app experience was created to be as simple to navigate for users as possible. The Lumiknow itself is designed to be the main source of information, whereas the app is used to supplement that information, allowing users to tailor that experience to their needs.

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