Öko Electric Vehicles

Logo, Identity Program

Electric vehicle branding for an enviromental and budget conscious demographic.

Öko car keychains

Öko is an eco friendly electric car company developed for an environmentally conscious and younger demographic in larger urban centres. Öko, the German word for eco, works to represent the fun and friendly nature of the brand, while the overall shape aims to evoke a sense of motion and form an abstract smiling face. Combined, this makes for an easily recognizable icon.

The lines above and below the name surround the word-mark giving it stability and security, while also transforming it into a smiling face, which purpose is to be approachable and empathetic. What’s more, the simple circular shape can be easily transformed into an emblem that can be placed on the Öko vehicles.

Öko car emblem
Öko logo on tire.
Öko logo on different backgrounds.

Brand colours are bright and vibrant, chosen for their fun and playfulness. This helped separate the brand from other car manufactures that often take an analogous color approach to their branding. The colours also serve as a great identifiers for marketing, allowing social posts and posters to stand out.

Billboard for Öko Bono Electric Vehicle
Oko banner on street lamp.

Customer experience comes first, from the website to in-store displays. We brought the content customers care about to the forefront.

When developing the website, we started by thinking about the customer; what do they care about? This led us to creating a website that allows them to quickly find, browse and customize vehicles in addition to purchase accessories and book service appointments.

And much like the website, the in-store displays allow users to discover Öko's complete vehicle lineup, learn what each vehicle offers, and customize it before purchase.

Öko instore display.

Animations are intended to be used across the brands offerings. From loading webpages to content for social media platforms.

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